Thursday, April 04, 2019

We're finally hurting China economically and instead of winning we're gonna let them off the hook with a few concessions...

Damn It!

We have them.  They're hurting bad.  Yeah the world economy is taking a bit of a dip and we're seeing a bit of a slow down but nothing good comes without pain.

We're finally hurting China.  We have them by the short hairs but instead of dealing with a little bit of discomfort we're gonna let them off the hook with a few concessions on their part.

When I hear the leader of China wants a quick conclusion to trade talks that makes me want to drag them out for a few more DECADES!

What they want is DEFINITELY NOT what we want...or need. 

Sorry folks.  There is no co-existence here.  Only domination.  Suffer a bit of discomfort now or suffer failure later.

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