Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Australia getting back into the Self Propelled Artillery game!

Thanks to Jason for the link!

via adbr.com
The Morrison Coalition Government has today announced a revival of the previously cancelled LAND 17 Phase 2 self-propelled artillery project for Army.

The project was originally described by the Howard Coalition government in the 2006 Defence Capability Plan (DCP), before being delayed and then cancelled by the Gillard Labor government in 2012 due to defence funding cuts.

ADBR understands the project will be renamed LAND 8112 Protected Mobile Fires, and that the government is looking to acquire it as a sole source acquisition through Defence’s new Smart Buyer initiative.
Story here. 

Jesus!  Australia is CRUSHING IT!  Read the entire article but they're moving with speed on this thing.  A sole source acquisition?  I read that to mean that they're gonna want a decision within the next couple of years which is lightning speed for a Western govt with regard to defense procurement.

The article posted an image of the K-9 but I have to believe that the US Army's updated M109A6 will get a look.

Things are rapidly changing in the ground combat game and I have to wonder how much play the idea of the Aussies operating a quasi Amphibious Force will play in this decision.

Could a Caesar or Archer type vehicle be considered?  When you're talking amphibious shipping you're always talking weight and space considerations so how many can fit aboard ship (of either a tracked or wheeled variant)?  Do they even care?

Which brings me to a looming problem for the Australians.

They're building an extremely capable ground force BUT its getting heavy as hell.  Boxer, Abrams, maybe a tracked self propelled artillery, the KF41 or another heavy type IFV....I don't know if heavy describes it but consider this.

Pound for pound the Australian Army is projecting to be HEAVIER than the United States Marine Corps.

Drink that in.

The Aussies are morphing from basically a light infantry force with attached heavy armor into basically a HEAVY mech infantry force.

I'm a bit stunned, gobsmacked and impressed.

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