Friday, May 17, 2019

Broken SEAL Trident, Smashed Marine Raider Image...

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via Military Times.
Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Adam C. Matthews pleaded guilty Thursday to charges related to the botched hazing incident in Africa that led to the strangling death of Army Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in June 2017.

“I cannot describe how sorry I am for the death of Staff Sgt. Melgar,” Matthews testified in a military courtroom in Virginia.
Story here. 

Few people know it but the barracks of a Marine Rifle Company is the wild west stateside.  Deployments and it can turn into something just North of a mix between Soddam & Gamorrah and the sunny side of hell.

Rumors have been circling about what goes in Africa.

Supposedly for SOCOM it was the new Disneyland.  Easy drugs, plentiful prostitutes and mission sets that they picked and conducted with little oversight.

Remember the Special Forces Team that picked up whores and ended up crashing because they were drunk out of their minds?  If I recall correctly one of the operators died from that accident.

Other rumors abound too.  Supposedly Africa makes the Middle East look regulated when it comes to the availability of some super pure steroids and heroin....something else that I've heard from sources these guys have been consuming.

But forget rumor control.

The facts of this case are stunning.

A Navy SEAL.  A couple of Marine Raiders.  Decided that it would be a good idea to bust down the door of a Special Forces SNCO, hold him down and strangle him to death.

That was no accident.

Even if it could get worse is the fact that the Navy SEAL was a freaking CHIEF PETTY OFFICER in the United States Navy.

I'm beyond disgusted.  I'm mortified.

There is NO excuse for this.

Instead of expanding SOCOM needs to clean house.  Regardless of rank if you don't have the moral code to be in those units then they need to be sent packing post haste.

How many people are in SOCOM?  I have no idea.  But if even I can hear rumors then certainly the Senior Enlisted Leader of that outfit can too.  He should act on it.  He should call the Commanding Officer over for a few drinks and a serious talk.

If they don't then SOCOM needs to be disbanded and they need to fall under their parent services.

This was the fear.

We either clean up SOCOM or we disband it.

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