Thursday, May 02, 2019

CAPE director tells HASC that DOD does not view F-35A flying hour cost target of $25,000 by 2025 as achievable --

Quick side issue.

These lady defense journalists are kicking ass lately.  Firs the chic over at Shepard Media doing the hard thing covering armor (don't know why they didn't send her to IDEX 19, but their coverage of it is lacking because she's not there) and now this lady comes out of nowhere with this news.

Just plain wow.  Impressive and well done ladies!

Back to this.

Projections that are NOT achievable.  Well I guess that's improvement.  We've gone from lies that are easily proved after the fact to deception that they admit to before the event.  

The next question becomes this.

How many other projections aren't achievable?  How many other projections are they hanging their hats on to the public that they know will fail?

Can you imagine the discussions happening in Singapore right now?  Uh Sir, you know how you promised to evaluate the F-35 and buy it from the Americans?  Well Sir that plane is a piece of shit!  That's the honest assessment, now do you want us to waste money or buy a cost effective fighter that will defend our city state?

What about the UK?  Hey Sir, the Royal Air Force is demanding more money cause the F-35 is going to cost a mint.  The Royal Navy is saying the same.  The British Army is threatening to storm Parliment because they've been bled dry and we have soldiers shouting bang on exercise because we can't afford blanks.  Are you sure you want to buy the entire 138 we promised the Americans?

Finally in Turkey.  Hey Erdogan, Sir.  The Americans are still threatening to NOT sell us the F-35.  I think we should fuss a bit but thank Allah that we aren't getting that bird!

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