Friday, May 17, 2019

Captain of Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth stripped of command 'for misusing official car'

via Telegraph.
The captain of the largest and most powerful ship ever built for the Royal Navy has been stripped of his command for misusing its official car, it has been reported.

Nick Cooke-Priest is no longer in charge of the HMS Queen Elizabeth because he is believed to have driven the aircraft carrier's official car on weekends, according to The Sun.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: "We can confirm Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has been reassigned to a new role. We can only say that management action is ongoing and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment further."

Commodore Cooke-Priest, who joined the Royal Navy in 1990, had only been in command of the 280-metre, 65,000-tonne vessel, described by the Royal Navy as an "awe-inspiring warship" capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft, since last October.
Story here. 

Hmm.  Wonder if this will affect the upcoming onboarding of USMC F-35's? This is mighty suspicious.  To be relieved of command because you misused a company car?  Seems a bit flaky to me.  Either there is more to this or this is a cover for something else or both.

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