Thursday, May 30, 2019

Chile set to procure Canadian Coyote LAVs

via Janes
The Chilean government has given green light to the procurement of a dozen second-hand Coyote 8×8 armoured scout vehicles for the navy's Marine Corps, military sources in Santiago told Jane's .

Deliveries are expected to take place during 2020, but could start in late months of 2019. The value of the transaction for the light-armoured vehicles (LAVs), coming from Canadian Armed Forces surplus, has not been publicly disclosed, as it is still being negotiated to include new engines and other spare parts.

A derivative of General Dynamics Land Systems Piranha II that anticipated features of Piranha III, developed to fulfil Canadian requirements, Coyote is a fast, 7.6-tonne armed scout vehicle aimed for reconnaissance of territory where opposition is expected.
Maybe its the Marine in me, but I love the idea of small nations...maybe struggling a bit economically and needing to be SMART with every penny, looking at vehicles going out of service in larger countries and picking over the stock to get the best deal.

In my opinion this is a brilliant move by the Chilean Marines.  Having said that, the Canadians have rode these vehicles hard so I'm hoping they get a REAL GOOD INSPECTION as well as the listed upgrades/spare parts.

Well done.

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