Saturday, May 18, 2019

China dabbling in Venezuela and doing it with medical aid, not intervention...we need to match them...


We saw a time when everything was about disaster relief, and "bringing order to chaos".

Don't know what the Chinese version of that is, but today they're landing 64 tons of medical aid to Venezuela.

Why aren't we?

I know we want their current leadership out, but while we're verbalizing our views on that front a little medical aid would go a long way.  You want to play the military is a force for good meme then awesome...use a C-5 to haul a shit ton of aid.  Load up a squadron of MV-22s and have them deliver plain toilet tissue.

Is it just me or does our foreign policy revolve around the military...and the military seems to be at a loss when it comes to certain situations?

I mean seriously!  Where is SOUTCOM?  Making war plans is one thing but shaping the battlefield by getting USAID up and running should be a part of it.

Complaints were made during the early invasion of Iraq that we needed a total govt approach to warfare.

Unfortunately we're stuck in the old paradigm.  The military is good at breaking things but little else.

I can live with that.

BUT!  If we're gonna expect more and have our force do more than these other agencies need to step up to carry their fare share of the load.

Note.  This was badly stated.  Long time readers will hopefully be able to read between the lines and get my thinking.  If clarification is needed either me or one of my bros will be able to sort it out for ya.

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