Thursday, May 02, 2019

Chinese T-Rays this their anti-stealth ace in the hole?

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via SCMP
The report said the new device could generate stable, continuous radiation at an average level up to 18 watts, and terahertz pulses with peak power close to one megawatt, on par with some military radars.
A technical executive at a vendor in China for T-ray devices used in F-35 manufacturing said the reported power levels of the device were “more than a million times higher than the power of the T-ray device used to measure the thickness of coatings on the F-35”.
“The radar-absorbent coatings on the F-35 will look as thin and transparent as stockings if [the Chinese instrument] is as powerful as they claim,” the executive said.
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Just plain wow.  You can pretty much stick a fork in stealth.  The game is gonna be in the electronic warfare realm.  Wanted to know why the J-20 wasn't built to be fully stealth?  I think we have our answer!  The Chinese know that stealth is of limited benefit.

Quite honestly I think that certain aspects of that plane (like internal carriage of weapons) isn't about stealth but more about range and lack of drag.

But back on task.

One thing we can be sure of.

The Chinese are following several different avenues in their efforts to build stealth detecting gear.  Whether they succeed with one system or several isn't relevant.  What matters is that they're banging on this problem hard and we MUST assume that they'll crack the code.

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