Wednesday, May 08, 2019

E/A-18 set to become the dominate aerial platform in the US Navy due to upgrades mid 2020s...

via Defense News.
First, Boeing plans to improve the Growler’s electronic attack sensors. For example, it is considering enhancements to Northrop Grumman’s ALQ-218 sensor system, which is used by the Growler for radar warning, electronic support measures and electronic intelligence, Tebo said.

It plans to add “adaptive and distributed processing” so that the E/A-18’s computers can quickly digest and pump out threat information. And because those computers will be processing more information and delivering it to the pilot and weapon system officer, it makes sense to improve interfaces so that data is easy to digest and the aircrew’s workload is minimized, she said.
Story here. 

Everyone knows my belief.  Stealth is not the future of aerial combat...electronic warfare is. 

I tend to believe that the Aussies are following this line of thinking.  They bought F/A-18s with the wiring to convert them to E/A-18s.

But none of that matters.

The US Navy is already planning for upgrades to the E/A-18 beyond the new pods its getting to do its job.

Richardson is turning into a Naval legend right before our eyes.  Many didn't properly appreciate the "payloads over platform" mantra that he started but its leaving a lasting legacy on the Navy.

The Squids have a plan and they're getting it done.


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