Sunday, May 19, 2019

Explosion reported in central Baghdad

via Sputnik.
An explosion has reportedly taken place near the Green Zone close to the embassy area on Sunday. The cause of the blast is unknown at this point.

Projectiles landed in the Iraqi capital in the vicinity of the United States embassy on Sunday, Sky News Arabia reported citing its source.

Iraqi authorities have not yet commented on the incident. However, Reuters cited two Baghdad-based diplomatic sources as saying that they heard the blast not far from the fortified Green Zone — the area that hosts government buildings and foreign embassies.​
Story here. 

This was almost predictable.

So many parties want the US to strike to Iran that I'm not ruling out activity from countries we consider allies (classic false flag to spark a response).

Of course it could be as it appears.  Simply another strike in that city carried out by terrorists.

Stuff is murky.  This ain't only a proxy war, but also an information campaign (by both sides) AND an influence war.

So many players, so many motives, so many interests involved that no one can actually make heads or tails of something this basic.

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