Wednesday, May 29, 2019

F-35 News. US may suspend training of Turk pilots....

via Reuters.
The United States is seriously considering suspending training for Turkish pilots on advanced F-35 fighter jets as Ankara moves ahead with plans to purchase a Russian missile defense system despite objections from Washington, sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

The two NATO allies have argued for months over Turkey’s order for the Russian S-400 defenses, which Washington says are incompatible with the Western alliance’s defense network and would pose a threat to American F-35 stealth fighters which Turkey also plans to buy.

The two sources, who are familiar with Turkey’s role in the F-35 program and who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a final decision had not yet been made.

The deliberation follows signs that Turkey is moving ahead with the S-400 purchase. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on May 22 that Turkish military personnel were receiving training in Russia to use the S-400, and said Russian personnel may come to Turkey.

Turkish pilots have also been training at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. It was unclear whether a decision to suspend their training would mean they would have to leave the country, or would be allowed to remain at the base until a final decision is made about Turkey’s future in the F-35 program.
Story here. 

I asked why we were still training Turk pilots and now they finally are moving on the issue.

Took them long enough.

It does raise the question though.  What if this had gone differently?  What if the Turks waited till they had their F-35s and THEN bought S-400s.

What would the response be?

What if an F-35 buyer decides later to buy S-400s?  What do we do then?  Its been stated that operating this airplane alongside Russian air defense is a hazard to the plane's secrets so what do you do?

Just throwing that out there but I am curious.

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