Saturday, May 18, 2019

Help me understand. We're buying 12 more CH-53K...concurrency rears its ugly head again....

Note.  I had this bookmarked but didn't have time to pivot to it.  Thanks to all that sent the heads up.

via USNI News.
“This contract award reflects close cooperation and risk sharing between the Government and industry teams to deliver critical capabilities to the Marine Corps,” James Geurts, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development and acquisition, said in the release.
“Working with our industry partners, the team ensured that solutions for technical challenges are incorporated into these production aircraft. This reflects the urgency to ensure we deliver capabilities necessary to support the Marine Corps and the Department of Navy’s mission, while continuing to drive affordability and accountability into the program.”

In a House Armed Services Committee hearing earlier this spring, Daniel Nega, the deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for air programs, told lawmakers on the tactical air and land forces subcommittee that the upcoming contract would put the onus on Sikorsky to address remaining design flaws and fix any other problems that come up during the remainder of testing.

“The flight envelope’s been tested to the corners; Gen. Rudder talked about how we’ve sort of wrung it out,” he said at the hearing.
“There’s a relatively low risk that anything major will be found. However, if nuisance issues come along, we are not going to give those nuisance issues to the Marines, and the Navy and Marine Corps team is not going to accept the full risk of that. So the risk concurrency between the development and the production, that overlap is going to be taken care of.”
Story here. 

Fuck me!  Fucking concurrency rears its ugly head again!  I thought we were done with that nonsense but here we see it again.

It's obvious that only Congress can fix this madness but they seem good with it.  How could a Congressional Aide not hear that statement and start passing notes to his charge with a quickness!  I thought it was agreed that after the F-35 fiasco we wouldn't repeat that MISTAKE!

Problem number 1 with the Pentagon?

There is basically no oversight.  I get that the CH-53K MIGHT BE ESSENTIAL (still need to be convinced) but even with that, this is bullshit on a stick.

This shit has me spun up.

I've tried to be calm.  To be good.  To be reasonable.  But no more mercy on procurement issues.

I'm back to raging!

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