Friday, May 24, 2019

I guess we have to debate the Trump "potential" pardons...


We have no choice but to dive into this muddy water, but I'm unsettled by the whole thing.

I have questions.

Is it wrong for the President to pardon men that risked it all for this nation?  That fought when few others would for this land of ours?  That did the hard thing instead of expecting others to do it instead?

Are we a people that aren't capable of giving such men a second chance?

I don't buy the "moral high ground" bit for one minute. 

We've launched air strikes and killed family members of terrorists because they were considered a high value target and the people around them were listed as collateral damage.

We've traded terrorists for a deserter that got his fellow soldiers killed.

I'm not sure but I'd bet we've even paid money to terrorist in the vain hope that we could advance our goals.

So spare me the moral high ground.

This is murky at best and a pardon isn't exoneration.  Let their God judge them. 

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