Sunday, May 26, 2019

Italian Cavour vs Trieste vs QE....the problem of the L-Class Carrier vs LHD...Cavour


I've been watching a few threads on Twitter regarding the Cavour vs Trieste vs QE.

In my opinion it boils down to the L-Class vs LHD debate, and how some are trying to upgun an LHD into the carrier class.  Let me explain.  First check this out....

I love Nicholas.  He's a solid dude.  But on this subject I think he's off the mark. The reality is that the Trieste is should NOT be compared to the QE. It's a dedicated LHD.  FULL BORE LHD and from what I've read it will be focused on traditional LHD mission sets.  Getting Italian Marines (and Amphibious Army units) across the beach.

It retains the ability to do that thru vertical insertion and surface assault.  It's not an America Class competitor.  It's pure.  No hybridization at all.

So why are we seeing this debate/comparison taken up?  I think it has to do with only one thing.  The layout of the islands.  That simple innovation that the Brits carried out (good on them by the way) has inspired others to follow their lead and because it bears a striking similarity to the QE, many automatically assume that it's similar.

Displacement alone tells the tale.  The QE is heavier than the America Class and MUCH heavier than the Trieste.

Aircraft carrying capacity is also an indication.  The QE can in overflow carry over 30 F-35s.  The Trieste only 15 during normal ops (and I imagine even that is pushing it) and supposedly up to 20 during overflow.

In short.  The QE is a pocket carrier (in the American scheme), the America a hybrid and the Trieste a pure LHD that can flex.

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