Sunday, May 26, 2019

KADDB Al-Mared 8×8 armored vehicle goes to war in Libya...

Jordan has stepped in into the ongoing fighting on the outskirts of Tripoli as evidence has proved it has provided an unknown number of its indigenous KADDB Al-Mared 8×8 armoured vehicle to Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

The delivery of the armored vehicles is yet another boost for Haftar’s forces from a foreign country backing up his offensive against Tripoli, where about 3 million people reside.

Before Jordan, its ally and Haftar’s main supporter; the United Arab Emirates, provided Haftar’s forces with Nimr armored vehicles, many of which have been either destroyed or seized by the Libyan Army forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The UAE, not to mention the funding provided by Saudi Arabia and the support in all forms of France, is with Jordan violating the UN arms embargo by delivering military equipment, vehicles and weapons to an illegitimate body fighting the UN-backed GNA and bombing civilians in Tripoli, according to several Libyan officials.

What’s KADDB?

KADDB Al-Mared 8×8 armored vehicle is based on the TATRA’s 8×8 truck chassis, attached to a fully protected all-welded steel hull. It can withstand ballistic fire against STANAG 4569 Level 3, small arms up-to small arms 7.62×51mm caliber AP (Armor-Piercing) at 30 meters with 930 m/s.

The KADDB al-Mared has a crew of two and can carry eight fully equipped infantrymen at the rear of the hull.

It has firing ports on all sides for returning fire. There is also power-operated ramp at the rear of the hull which is used by the infantrymen to leave and enter in the vehicle.
KADDB arriving from Jordan to Haftar’s forces.
Story here. 

This war is heating up dramatically.  I haven't been following it but the Libyan National Army is getting a MASSIVE influx of armor and other weapons from several different sources.

This place was sent spiraling by NOT the US but because France wanted to get into the regime change business.

Now you have not only France, but Turkey, Jordan and others playing in this war.

The region was filled with dictators of various stripe.  The region wasn't what we in the West would call free but it was STABLE! 


Now we're facing basically a regional war that stretches from the Middle East to North Africa.  Drink that in.  We are seeing a regional war that stretches from the Middle East to Northern Africa (and I'm being generous because Africa is also ablaze).

I don't know the thinking but what we're doing isn't working.  The West in general needs to reassess.

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