Friday, May 10, 2019

New Israeli Off Shore Patrol Vessel...

via Shepard Media.
Israel Shipyards will unveil a new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) design at IMDEX Asia in Singapore – dubbed the OPV-45 – as the company looks to gain further traction in potentially lucrative international markets.

According to the company, the OPV-45 is designed for a wide range of naval missions and can carry a variety of payloads as required to perform EEZ patrols and infrastructure security taskings, counter-piracy operations and fisheries protection, among others.

The vessel has a length of 45.7m and is capable of a sustained speed in excess of 24kt. For missions that require high-speed interceptions, the OPV-45 can embark a 7m rigid-hull inflatable boat.

The deck space can accommodate two 20ft containers that can be equipped for a variety of missions to enable rapid re-rolling and additional capabilities, with up to 24 crew depending on requirements.

In addition, the vessel can accommodate up to 24 extra people for missions involving special forces, or survivors during search and rescue operations.

Speaking to Shephard, Eitan Zucker, CEO, said that the Asia-Pacific market has ‘a large demand’ for OPVs of various types, with the OPV-45 ‘a very good solution’ for coast guards and law enforcement agencies in the region, as well as for navies with ‘a challenging’ budget.

‘We have discussed with some of them already, and are in a process of offering the required adjustments and “turn-key project” solutions to undisclosed potential customers in the region,’ Zucker explained.

The platform’s versatility enables it to be equally applicable for military and civilian or parapublic agencies, he continued, with multi-disciplinary systems allowing for its ‘easy modification’ and adjustment to each service’s requirements.

Currently, the OPV-45 can be manufactured in around 18 months for the first vessel, with this time decreasing to between 4-6 months for additional vessels. Zucker said that this short construction period makes it possible for customers to get several hulls in a short amount of time.

Zucker said that the OPV-45 sits between the Shaldag patrol vessel and Sa’ar corvette currently in the company’s portfolio, enabling a ‘full and comprehensive solution when it comes to coast, border and EEZ protection in all sea states and weather conditions'.
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