Friday, May 17, 2019

Norway's F-35 price tag is becoming so "eyewatering" that defense is asking other sectors of govt to contribute to cover the costs...

This part .... 
Norwegian defense minister admits to Storting the F-35 is much more expensive than budgeted, asks other government departments to contribute, raising fears social programs & pensions might be hit.
When defense starts eating into other parts of govt then you're looking at a program that is bound to be cut.

Norwegians will not tolerate that kind of foolishness. 

Its back to the signalling that we've gotten from the Pentagon.  The actual cost of the airplane might be in line but the maintenance and the specials it requires (like hangars, other gear) is now the big problem.

Unique/boutique weapon systems just ain't worth it. 

Not in combat and apparently not in peacetime.

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