Sunday, May 12, 2019

Open Comment Post. 12 May 2019 (plus an explanation of recent blogging)....

Hey guys.

Want to give you an update on the focus of the F-35 and why I've been focusing on it.

I believe we're hitting a new critical mass.  Both budget wise and with regard to the actual performance of the plane.  More and more information is being presented that is showing that its not meeting expectations.  More and more info is coming out that is critical of how the program has been managed.

We've basically put procurement of other necessary equipment on pause so that this plane would have a clear lane to get its act together.

They still failed.

Once the new SecDef is confirmed I expect change to come swiftly.  Remember when Trump wanted to cut the defense budget but he got pushback from the Pentagon?  Well Daddy Mattis ain't there and Shanahan will kiss the ring and follow orders.

A storm is coming and I want to get out ahead of it.

Choices will have to be made and we're gonna swing toward what I believe we should be purchasing, what should be cut and what needs to wait till the tech matures.

Buckle up.  It's gonna be a bumpy but at times fun ride.

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