Sunday, May 12, 2019

“Outrun the Eagles” - A Low Level Escape

April 1945- Minutes before, Franz Stigler and his comrades of JV 44 were high over Bavaria, ready to attack a formation of B-17s until the P-51s arrived. Outnumbered and outgunned by the escort fighters, Franz fled, but the P-51s gave chase.

Diving like a bullet, Franz pushed his jet to 625 mph, past its red line. As the earth neared, he tried to pull up, but the stick was locked in an “evil spell.” Pinned by Gs, Franz realized: “I just killed myself.”

Then, he thought he heard a voice: Kick the rudder! Franz obeyed, kicking the rudder pedals until the jet’s tail wagged and the control stick freed. Now, having regained control at “0” altitude, Franz finally outruns the P-51s.

As he blasts over a field, farmers watch as the jet’s exhaust burns the hay that they’ve laid out for their animals. With the Danube slipping past, Franz curses himself for flying so recklessly while thanking God for flying with him.

Artwork by Gareth Hector

Just an observation and not a judgement.

Isn't it funny how both sides of a war calls on God's aid?  

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