Thursday, May 09, 2019

Philippine Marines receive first KAAVs

via Shepard Media.
In April 2019, the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) received four Korean Amphibious Assault Vehicles (KAAV), an amount that constitutes half the PHP2.423 billion ($52.6 million) order that Manila placed in 2015.

The KAAVs were built under license by Hanwha Techwin in South Korea, and the first batch was originally contractually scheduled to be delivered last August, with the second quartet due in December 2018.

Their AAV7A1 hulls were manufactured by BAE Systems in the US, while Hanwha installed components and subsystems. The vehicles delivered to the Philippines were finished in an olive green paint scheme.

To fulfil this order, Hanwha had to restart its production line, and it is believed the delay in delivery related to obtaining requisite license permissions from BAE Systems.

This represents the first time that South Korea has exported the KAAV, although a large number estimated at around 160 were assembled by Samsung Techwin for the Republic of Korea Marine Corps (pictured). However, South Korea donated ten older LVT7A1 vehicles to the Indonesian Marine Corps in November 2009.
Story here. 

This is beyond interesting.  The idea that Hanwha would restart their production line is tantalizing enough but the real story is what are the S. Korean Marines going to do for their follow on vehicle?

I don't expect the S. Koreans or the Japanese to settle on the USMC's ACV.

They're gonna go fully tracked.

The form that takes will be interesting and I'm watching with anticipation.  One or both will come up with something formidable.  Can't wait to see what it is.

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