Sunday, May 19, 2019

Public Humiliation keeps you going...its the Marine Corps way via Terminal Lance...

Damn!  Terminal Lance (follow this dude...I love his stuff!~) gets real with it!  

He titled this mercury rising.  You see how I labeled it.

Public Humiliation keeps ya going...its the Marine Corps way.  Fact.  No Marine will knowingly allow Doc to insert a rectal thermometer into his nether regions in front of the battalion unless he's unconscious.  That's a fact (was a fact...don't know about now).

So the risk of that means you keep going till you pass the fuck out.

You get stupid and picked up by law enforcement?  Have a good time at the local bar and get wasted beyond belief?  You better hope the LEO is former servicemember and has some understanding or once you get out of county you'll be in front of the battalion getting announced that you're getting 15 days pay forfeiture, 15 days restriction and 15 days additional duty.

Don't know if it would work in the civilian world but that public humiliation works in the Corps.

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