Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Russians considering standardizing on 57mm cannons for all IFVs...

via TASS
The Russian engineering company Tecmash and the state hi-tech corporation Rostec are considering replacing 30mm guns with 57mm weapons in Russian armored vehicles’ munitions systems. Russia’s Defense Ministry is also studying this possibility, Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin told TASS on Tuesday.

"We are carrying out an assessment together with Rostec State Corporation and the customer represented by the Defense Ministry is conducting the relevant work," Kochkin said, replying to a question about the possibility for Russian armored vehicles to switch to the 57mm caliber.

Today the 30mm caliber is the basic diameter of guns for Russia’s light-and medium-armored vehicles. The switchover by Russia’s entire armor to the new caliber depends on available financial resources.

"The caliber change will require huge expenses on the upgrade of the operational armament and military hardware," Kochkin explained. That is why, Rostec enterprises are working in this area "on their own initiative," he added.
Story here. 

Which came first?  The heavily armored IFVs or bigger cannons?  I think it was heavier armor.

Namer started the ball rolling, then we saw others increase their frontal protection leading to such heavy weights like the Boxer, the Israeli Eitan etc...

With the introduction of the T-15, it became obvious that to stay in the game a bigger gun would be required or IFV would for all intents become obsolete.

Suddenly your anti-tank teams would have to prioritize between taking out tanks or their support (which is built to kill the teams) riding in uparmored IFVs.

Regardless of the Russian decision I think its obvious that the US Army and US Marine Corps must move to a 50mm gun on future platforms.

This is a trend that appears to have staying power and I believe is pointing to an evolution in IFV design.

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