Saturday, May 11, 2019

Super Hornet with air to air by Simon Schibli Photography on Flickr...

Is it just me or are we seeing the US Navy and Marine Corps flying their planes with a bit heavier air to air load-out than in the past?

Just a bit curious and you aviation guys can help me with this. The first question is why do they fly so often with asymmetric weapon loads?  Why put a sidewinder on one wingtip and not the other?  Additionally why did the Navy choose to go with a fuel tank infrared instead of placing it in front of the cockpit like we've seen on the F-14 and numerous allied and Russian aircraft?

Don't hate me.  I didn't know so I asked.  Lost the e-mail to the guys that would break stuff like this down so I'm tossing it to the aviation guys in the audience.

One thing hits straight between the eyes.  Those conformal fuel tanks will be a welcome addition.  Range will increase and that's a good thing...especially since they appear to finally be locked on to the coming fight with China.

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