Saturday, May 04, 2019

Trump's instincts on Venezuela is spot on...unfortunately he's surrounded by Neo-Cons that want war....

via CNN
After US expectations were dashed this week for a transition of power in Venezuela, President Donald Trump is urging caution among senior advisers moving forward and expressing frustration that some aides are more openly teasing military intervention, according to officials familiar with the matter.

After a phone call with President Vladimir Putin on Friday, Trump also downplayed Russia's involvement in Venezuela, contradicting claims from top Trump administration officials that Moscow continues to prop up the regime there.

It amounted to, at times, a picture of a President at odds with the officials who this week have called vociferously for a change in power in Caracas and have consistently declined to rule out a US military intervention.

 But Trump, who has until now given Bolton wide leeway to manage the situation in Venezuela, appeared more cautious this week, privately expressing concern over how solid Guaido's plans are to take power and win support from Venezuela's military.
Story here. 

Trump's instincts are serving him well.  I just wonder how long he'll be able to hold out against the drumbeat for US action in that country.

If you've been monitoring this issue then you know that Brazil's President has expressed caution too and has stated that the call for change was a bit premature.

What we don't know is if the opposition leader was told by elements of our govt that now was the time to act.

I can't help but wonder if we have individuals pushing agendas and setting the conditions so that we have no choice but to intervene.

Look for some outrageous act this weekend or early next week.  If we see a made for TV moment of something horrific then take a step back.  The entire country (US) might be getting played by murky figures in the background.

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