Thursday, May 09, 2019

USS Blue Ridge Aerial Video in the South China Sea....Video by Jim Ong

I was strolling thru DVIDs and ran across this aerial shot of the USS Blue Ridge, an Amphibious Command & Control Ship.  It got me wondering.  Every LHD and now LPD is capable of acting as Flag Ships for amphibious assaults.

So what is the new role for these ship (before they're retired cause they're old as hell)?

I wonder cause I don't see them (and really never least since Desert Storm) acting in their stated role.

My proposal?

How about adding even more antenna, computing power, dedicated personnel and making them our new "cyber assault platforms"?

I'm still a bit dazed and confused about the USMC's concept for adding cyber specialist to platoons and even squads.  I've always viewed this as more a strategic type weapon.

If we can take these ships and make them our mobile cyber/electronic warfare platforms...serving the function of providing a protective bubble around a couple of assembled MEUs that are getting ready to go ashore that might be a winner.

A ship that can stand off shore and conduct powerful electronic warfare along with blasting the enemies cyber capabilities might be something that could prove useful in the future.

Of course I could easily be spitting in the wind and it might not be practical but I haven't had my first cup yet.

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