Saturday, June 08, 2019

D-Day Question. Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) were available. Why weren't they used for the landings?

Just like you guys, I watched the D-Day anniversary news and unlike you it kinda left me in a weird spot.  It felt like more a "show" because it had to be, not that people were actually commemorating the sacrifice.

But one thing has always made me wonder.

One of the old inter-service jokes is that for the Marines it's "hey diddle diddle straight up the middle".

I don't believe that but its as big a meme for Marines as eating crayons.

But all that led me to this question while tracing back the history of the D-Day Invasion.

LVTs were available.

Why didn't they use them?

They brought tanks.  They even tried to make the darn things float but they left the infantry damn near unprotected during the rush onto the beach.

Any historians out there know?  I'm sure this question has been asked but I don't know the answer.

Sidenote.  I did Google it and a bunch of arm chair history buffs claim that the LVT was prioritized for the Pacific.  That's false.  The Canadians and other forces used the LVT in Europe so that's just idiocy on a stick.  Additionally the European theater was prioritized over the Pacific so anything they wanted they got.

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