Monday, June 10, 2019

F-35 News. Japanese release the findings from the crash that claimed the life of their pilot...

Note.  I told you guys that I would focus on the F-35 for the foreseeable future.  The reason should be obvious but let me rehash.  The F-35 is the most consequential program currently going for the US and allied militaries. The success or failure of this program is important!  If it works as advertised then we're set for the next several decades.  IF IT DOES NOT (and I fear it won't...only the F-35B seems to be meeting the requirement of being a step forward from the plane its replacing) then not only is the USAF screwed but so are the air arms of several of our most important allies.  For better or worse the F-35 is the BIG DAWG in the procurement game.

I follow Mike Yeo on Twitter.  Dude is an aviation journalist out of Singapore and is my go to on events and happenings in the Pacific region.  Between him and my bro over at DTR you won't find a better pair of dudes covering that region.  He retweeted the above graphic and below I popped them out for you to get a better look.  

Any Japanese readers that can punch this out and tell us what's being said would be appreciated.

Possibly a stupid question but some are saying that the pilot became disoriented.

How does that happen when you're flying straight and level and suddenly you're so disoriented  that you pitch the airplane down and fly into the ocean?

I don't get it if that's the explanation.

Weigh in on this aviation guys!  And the call for Japanese readers remains.  Someone suss this out for us.

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