Monday, June 24, 2019

Gun Guys...This is the next weapon you should add to your arsenal...

You have your have your have your pistols & your SBR style rifles.

You're set right?


Not even close.

You have a whole in your inventory and I found the widget to fill that hole. A real deal Carbine.  The definition of carbine has changed.  Why?  I have no idea but historically it was rifle sized that fired the same round as your side arm.

That's what the Ruger PC Carbine allows you to do.  If you're part of the Glock Nation then its benefits will be obvious.  I don't know of one real Glock guy that doesn't have at least a couple 30 round mags.  Hell I don't know one Glock guy that doesn't at least have at least 5 mags holding 15 rounds or more.

This is what you've been looking for and didn't even know it.    That's my thinking and you're gonna have to move me hard to get me to think otherwise.

Rewatch that vid and tell me that thing don't rock...

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