Sunday, June 16, 2019

Houthi Forces are definitely a hybrid force...why are we supporting the Saudis in their Vietnam?

Thanks to S300V4 for the link!

The Houthis are operating SA-6 missile systems?  Geez.  When did they acquire those, why didn't we interdict them and why haven't the Saudis totally dismantled Houthi anti-air complexes?

Without a doubt the Houthi freedom/terrorist (depending on your perspective) have successfully morphed into a hybrid force.

This should be more than a bit troubling.  Of course we've known that for awhile now.  No group of simple terrorist can lay their hands on ballistic missiles, lob them over the border at airports and capitals and be considered a minor threat.

What has me spinning is how ill conceived this fight was.

How poorly planned the operation was.

How a minor fight has evolved into a potential threat to the Saudi Kingdom.

What's even more puzzling?  As Commander Salamander would say...This.  Isn't.  Our.  Fight!  To be more precise.  This ain't our business.  We have enough on our plate...both at home and overseas.

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