Sunday, June 02, 2019

Imagining the Impossible: Insurgency in the U.S.A. via Defense Technical Information Center...UPDATE!

*Note.  This has more to do with the comments than the thesis.  Is anyone taking into account the forming of this country?  The settlers fled England because of persecution.  In essence the christians that arrived in America were fleeing persecution from other christians!  Today we would label that sectarian violence.  Is this a christian nation?  Yes.  Do things remain static? No.  A quick side...that's why I have a problem with climate change advocates...nothing remains constant and neither has the climate over the history of this planet.  Back on point.  Nothing remains as it is.  Change is a constant.  Instead of arguing the favorite talking point of religion, maybe the focus should be on bigger issues that directly affect people that would be unengaged.  Those are the issues that would cause a potential rebellion inside these borders...not religion but other issues that will affect the masses, not interest groups.

As the United States focuses on external threats will internal threats sufficient to enable the overthrow of the United States government materialize?. Most contemporary literature prescribes a myriad of solutions to counter a foreign nation's insurgency after it has already manifested. A prudent way to counter an insurgency is to identify it and prevent it before it starts. To know when an insurgency is developing is difficult, but is an important measure for any government to pursue to ensure its survival. Historically, the United States has not been immune to insurgent impulses. Although not necessary for insurgent mobilization, a Perfect Storm of converging existing conditions (globalization, demographic shifts, anti-Christian attitudes, and increasing domestic militarization) may threaten America's white non-Hispanic Christian population and potentially foment an insurgency. Current trends suggest this may already be happening in an area within the United States. This research seeks to determine the mechanisms by which an insurgency could manifest itself in the United States and assist the U.S. government in considering how to preemptively counter a domestic insurgency.
This thesis was written at the Naval PostGraduate School to fulfill the requirements for this US Army Officer's Masters Degree in Defense Analysis.


I have no comment on this.  I just want to sit back and watch the comments/views expressed.  But there is one issue that needs to be front and center in everyone's mind.  Could America face an insurgency within our own borders?  Could modern day America survive if it was possible?

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