Thursday, June 13, 2019

In light of problems with the F-35 does the F-15EX and Super Hornet Block 3 make sense?

Hopefully you've had time to digest the terrible (but predicted) news about the F-35.

I was wondering...

In light of the issues with this plane, many of which WILL NOT be fixed before full rate production hits this fall, do you think the F-15EX and Super Hornet Block 3 makes sense?

Do you understand why the US Navy made the decision to upgrade the Super Hornet instead of pushing all in with the F-35?

Is it understandable why the Pentagon (under Mattis) decided that the USAF would be forced to buy the F-15EX?

Oh and one other thing.  Is anyone outraged that we didn't know about these problems sooner?  Is anyone pissed that the USMC/Joint Program Office/White House/Poland decided to do a bit of propaganda with the F-35 flyby and the announcement of sales in a vain attempt to drown out this news?

I'm just the messenger and I'm just asking questions.  What say you?

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