Thursday, June 06, 2019

Israeli Air Force marks 50 years of service...

via Jerusalem Post.
The Israeli Air Force on Thursday night will be marking 50 years of operational use of the CH-53D Yasur helicopters at the Tel Nof air base in central Israel.

The event will be hosted by the IAF and the Israeli Air Force Association and will be attended by senior officials from Sikorsky, the maker of the CH-53D Yasur helicopters; IAF commander Maj.-Gen. Amiram Norkin; Maj.-Gen. (res.) Nimrod Sheffer, the [resident and CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries; Guy Enav, the CEO of IAFA; as well as past and present Yasur commanders, ground and air crews and their families.

“As a fellow CH-53 pilot and on behalf of all of Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky, I’d like to congratulate the Israeli Air Force for 50 years of CH-53 operations,” said Sikorsky President Dan Schultz. “I’m proud that the Yasur fleet has served the IAF so gallantly for so long.”

First used by the IAF in 1969, the Yasur helicopters are the air force’s primary helicopter, and are used regularly to transport soldiers and equipment. They have also taken part in a wide variety of missions, including secret operations as well as search and rescue missions.

“The innovative design of the helicopter project brings the most advanced technologies that ensures excellent performance in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, battlefield survivability and growth potential,” Schultz continued, adding that the company is convinced that the CH-53K is ultimate future solution for heavy lift helicopters for the IAF.
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50 years of CH-53 operations.  Freaking awesome.  But I wonder....will we see another 50 or will the future be won by the CH-47?

Cost.  Cost.  Cost.  Or to be precise, cost of operations.

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