Sunday, June 30, 2019

Politics Talk. Explain why the Trump visit to N. Korea is so outrageous...

Zooming around the internet this morning and the outrage over Trump's visit has many in an uproar.

I don't get it.

Trump makes a visit to N. Korea and people go nuts.  Trump backs off a strike on Iran and people go nuts.  Trump talks about eradicating Iranian nukes and people go nuts.  A few years ago the Pentagon was doing demonstration of force after demonstration of force up to the coast of N. Korea and people go nuts.

This makes no sense.

Is it Trump the man that has people loopy or is the idea of actually trying a bit of diplomacy without giving up the store the thing?

What do I base this on?

Against Iran we've seen in what is in my opinion a sensible response.  We voided the nuke deal because (again in my opinion) we would have strengthened their economy while they were still researching nukes AND funding terror forces in the region.

Against N. Korea the sanctions remain in place and all Trump is doing is talking to the little fat bastard.

What is the problem with attempting a foreign policy that ATTEMPTS to use military force as a last and NOT first resort?

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