Friday, June 28, 2019

Politics Talk. Joe self destructed and if he doesn't win the Dem nomination that party has no chance...

Did you watch the debate last night?

I did and just plain wow.  The Republicans are whacky as hell.  They back some policies that OBVIOUSLY favor the rich and corporations.  They're wobbly on several issues that are God given rights (not made up ones) and they've been a disappointment.

But the Dems?

They were spouting things I KNOW they didn't actually believe on that debate stage.  I mean you could see it in their eyes.  Just the inflection in their voices told you that they didn't believe what they were saying.

Pretty sad.

But back on task.  Did you see ole Joe Biden?  That dude self destructed on the national stage.  He suddenly looked old.  Out of touch with his party and a relic of a past many would like to forget.

Without Joe the Dems can't move to the center.  Without Joe the Dems don't have a chance to win.

Last night Kamala Harris stuck a verbal dagger into the heart of his campaign and with it re-elected Trump.  The next presidential election is like the last presidential election.  We're forced to choose between the best of two evils and on that basis Trump will win.  You heard it here first.

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