Friday, June 28, 2019

Russia developing new lightweight tank based on Sprut-SDM1

via Army Recognition.
On June 27, 2019, the chief designer of the Special Machine-Building Design Bureau, Sergei Abdulov, told TASS Russian News Agency that the firm is working on a new lightweight tank, which is based on the Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank gun. It will not be an airborne vehicle but should be amphibious.

Russia developing new lightweight tank based on Sprut SDM1
New Russian lightweight tank to be built, based on the design of the Sprut-SDM1 (Picture Source: Rosoboronexport)

He said, "Work is underway to develop a lightweight non-airborne but floating tank based on the Sprut-SDM1 platform. As compared to the Sprut, the new vehicle will get enhanced protection and different running gear: it will use a torsion bar suspension from the BMP-3 IFV that is more reliable and easier to operate than the Sprut’s hydro-pneumatic gear, the chief designer said, adding that "the weapons on the vehicle will remain the same."
Story here. 

Hmm.  I always considered the Sprut SDM1 to be a light tank.  Really the first of what has become a trend.

Apparently the Russians plan on uparmoring the thing but keeping the same gun.  Considering the fact that it won't be an airborne vehicle, it must be a substantial uparmoring along with a bigger base platform if its gonna be amphibious (buoyancy issue).

I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

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