Sunday, June 23, 2019

Russian "Army 2019" Exhibition....

Thanks to S300V4 for the pics!

I consider this to be the most intriguing vehicle the Russians are working on.  This will be a step change in their armored doctrine and will produce a vehicle that rivals what we see in the West...yet no one seems to be locking in on it.  The Armata and the T-15 get all the buzz but this rig is ignored...I wonder why.  Regardless this is the one that I'm impressed with!

Do you see the armament on both these vehicles?  Those are 30mm cannons.  I wonder if we're being head faked by the 57mm we're seeing on some BMPs.  All evidence seems to indicate that they're sticking with the 30mm going into the future.

Alot to see here.  I touched on a couple of vehicles but it looks like they've made some type of upgrade to the Pantsir and are moving forward with the S-500 (unless I'm miss identifying that anti-air system).

One weird thing I've noticed.

The Russians have always been big on artillery but they seem to be holding pat.  Either they realize that they lead in that area or they're prioritizing other functions.

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