Tuesday, June 11, 2019

SAAB Arexis escort jammer pod...a pocket E/A-18 for every air force...

via EDR Magazine.
Through a combination of long-term research programmes and product-focused research and development (R&D) Saab has developed a new family of airborne pylon-integrated “invisible” countermeasure dispenser systems, the Arexis. The Arexis family of electronic attack pods comprising self-protection, escort jammer, and stand-off jammer capability variants, are based on the improved EW system installed Saab’s JAS 39 Gripen E fighter aircraft, the Multi Functional System/Electronic Warfare (MFS/EW) self-protection suite.

The MFS/EW is fully integrated with other tactical mission systems on board the aircraft, and there are also sensor fusion on several layers, combining all tactical sensors in Gripen E such as the AESA radar, electro optical (EO) sensors, IRST and also the datalink. These sources and sensors are integrated into one high-level sensor fusion and situational awareness system for the pilot to enhance the effectiveness of the mission. All these sensors have been integrated and flown in Gripen E development aircraft 39-9.

Based on wideband digital technology specifically developed for robustness in the very complex signal environment of today, the core technologies in Arexis are ultra-wideband digital receivers and digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) devices, gallium nitride (GaN) solid-state active electronically scanned array (AESA) jammer transmitters and interferometric direction finding systems, and high-speed digital signal processing architectures.

The Arexis escort jammer pod incorporates L-band and S-band GaN-based AESA antennas in the fore and aft sections of the main pod structure, with large VHF and UHF fin antennas mounted externally. The low-band jammer is contained within a demonstrator pod that is 4 metres long and weighs 350 kg. The podded Arexis has been specifically designed for integration with any type of single engine fighter aircraft and well as export customer’s Gripens. Saab will conduct a first test flight of a Gripen C/D carrying the pod-housed electronic attack jammer later this year.
Story here. 

Pay attention to SAAB boys and girls.  They're onto something.  I'm gonna have to ask the boys down at Air Power Australia but I seem to recall something about L-band and S-Band being an important part of aerial warfare.

Back on task though.

SAAB is making it possible for ANY air force to have a pocket E/A-18 with the purchase of a pod.

Kinda seems like electronic warfare is moving as I predicted....It will be MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than stealth going forward.

Saab website on the Arexis Escort Pod here.

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