Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Saudi F-15 shoots down drone .... Killing drones is the new sport in the Middle East...

This is getting interesting.

Drones were suppose to be the "wave" of the future but its becoming more than a little apparent that they're basically unusable in the new fashion that's hit warfare worldwide.

This hybrid warfare thing is going to require a rethink of things.


It's common knowledge that drones are useless (at least the ones we currently have) in a peer vs peer conflict.

What happens when even in what we would have in the past considered "low level"/insurgent warfare they become non-viable?

Does this mean that we've seen the end of the current generation of drones? Do we need a second wave of development with AI now to aid their survival?

From my chair it looks like we do.  Additionally the idea of countermeasures on these things seems like a no-brainer...of course that will add to the cost but as of right now they can't run, they can't turn and they can't defend.  We're looking at multi-million dollar targets.

The only thing we haven't seen is the first Ace in the drone killing business but I'd bet its coming soon.

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