Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Singapore Hunter IFV makes a Leopard 2 EVO look almost medium sized!

Thanks to Bernard for the pic!

Take a good look at this pic.  Do you see the Hunter IFV peeking over the shoulder of the EVOs?  I don't know that vehicle's weight but its size is undeniable!  It's taller than the EVO...I would say considerably taller.  Additionally its hull would appear (at least in this pic) to be taller and wider than the EVO's too.

Only now do I get where the US Army was coming from when they were talking about an IFV that would weigh as much as a M1 Abrams (more if you're talking about the M1A1).

The need to fit troops and their gear...along with providing protection simply means you're moving toward a larger vehicle.  Add a turret to the mix and  unless your MBT is sized like the Merkava out the box then you'll be looking at a huge vehicle out of necessity.

Is this an evolutionary dead end? 

Is this just a simple fact of how vehicle development is going and we all should accept it?

I just don't know.  What I do know is that this is the trend today.  Will it survive combat?

Time will tell...

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