Friday, June 28, 2019

South Korea ready to field self-propelled 120mm mortar

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Hanwha Defense has developed a new automatic, self-loading self-propelled 120mm mortar fitted inside a K200A1 tracked chassis for the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA).

The new system will replace the K242A1 107mm self-propelled mortar carrier as well as the K281A1 81mm mortar carrier that are in ROKA service. The nomenclature of the new vehicle is not yet known, but its range is credited with being 2.3 times farther and its firepower 1.9 times greater than the old 107mm tube artillery system.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced on 27 June that the new system had completed its development and successfully passed all final trials. Work on the KRW41.3 billion ($35.73 million) project commenced in March 2014 under the authority of DAPA.

The mortar is fitted on a turntable that rotates 360° and slews to the correct direction and elevation. Instead of a breech-loading system, rounds are fed into the muzzle of the mortar via an autoloader feed system.

The 120mm mortar system possesses an automated fire control system, with plotting performed in a tracked vehicle based on the K277A1 command post that accompanies the new mortar carriers.

Hanwha Defense was the prime contractor for the overall system, while S&T Dynamics developed the weapon itself. In addition, around 100 different companies were involved in the project.

Brig Gen Kim Gi-taek, a DAPA official, said, ‘The new mortar system is expected to greatly boost the mission capabilities of our troops. We will proactively support its advance into overseas markets.’

As well as this tracked chassis, the same 120mm mortar could be fitted into the hull of the K808 8x8 chassis built by Hyundai Rotem.
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The United States Marine Corps had this first and didn't bite.  Instead we went with a rifled French 120mm mortar and the rest of the world took note and adopted what we labored to produce but didn't acquire.

What am I talking about?

Dragon Fire.

The funny/sad thing?  We still have a gap in our artillery fires.  It makes no sense from my seat to place all our eggs in the aviation/M777 basket when it comes to supporting fires.

I know its a bit more complicated than that but you get the general idea.  If we don't have 105mm howitzers then a 120mm mortar is ESSENTIAL!

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