Thursday, June 20, 2019

StormBreaker takes another step toward IOC...

via Air Force Technology.
Raytheon has completed all operational test drops of its new StormBreaker smart weapon, bringing it one step closer to achieving initial operational capability.

Raytheon Air Warfare Systems vice-president Kim Ernzen said: “All operating modes of StormBreaker have been rigorously tested in operationally-relevant scenarios against real-world targets in environments that are similar to actual battlefield conditions.

“With its tri-mode seeker and datalink, this smart weapon will close a capability gap and make adverse weather irrelevant.”

In normal mode, the tri-mode seeker uses infrared imaging (mode one) and millimetre wave radar (mode two) to help fighter pilots hit moving targets from standoff ranges and in bad climatic conditions. A tertiary mode employs semi-active laser guidance technologies to hit targets.
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