Thursday, June 27, 2019

TRIGGER By Arquus via Jalopnik...

Interesting.  I didn't know Ford had a hand in these vehicles but according to this article by Jalopnik they do (here).

Three things though...

1.  Didn't SOCOM have a competition of some type for a light truck that was armored so they could conduct operations in "hazardous" places but remain somewhat covert?  I'll never forget some guy shooting a vehicle (small truck) with an AK-47 while another guy was sitting in it.  What happened with that?

2.  Toyota has this market cornered.  Don't know why the French are going in a different direction is beyond me, but if you want a light vehicle that blends in then you can't do much better than buying a Toyota light pickup.

3.  The French seem to be going all in on these civilian turned military vehicles.  What am I missing?  I just don't see the utility.

Either way the thing does look like a little beast.  Not quite my cup of tea but cool nonetheless.

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