Wednesday, July 31, 2019

782 gear is to be kept clean/orderly when in garrison. Why can't we do proper maintenance on our aircraft/ships?

Tyler over at The Drive has a fascinating pic and article on the appearance of an over 100 million dollar stealth jet that  looks like warmed over dog shit. Check it out here.

My question.

When did it suddenly become allowed for our ships/aircraft to be in such shit state?

I MIGHT be able to make an exception if the planes are on deployment.  If you're doing work then it makes sense, but the image above is from an airshow.

You would think that for something that is being rolled out to the public, the US military would at LEAST slap a coat of paint (or radar absorbent material) on the bird...something to make it presentable.

But that's obviously not the case.

It extends past this example too.  We've seen US Navy ships that honestly look like tramp steamers from the 1930s.  Aircraft that makes you wonder how in God's name they get off the ground.  The list goes on.  It even extends to the ground side of things to a certain degree.

Remember the parade in DC?

The few armored vehicles that the Army sent looked like dog shit too.

How are other nations able to get it right yet on something this basic we're getting it wrong?

Fix the basics and you might crack the code to fixing the force!

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