Saturday, July 27, 2019

Australian Navy LCM-1E transports an M1A1 from ship to shore...that myth is busted! (UPDATED with additional pics)

If you've been arounding military blogging for a bit you've heard that the Aussie Navy's landing craft supposedly couldn't transport an M1 ashore.  The Chief of Australia's Navy was kind enough to bust that myth today.

Good on them.  Instructive too.  With a dispersed amphibious force aboard smaller ships then we can re-examine landing craft.  Is it time to flex back toward a boat of this type?  I'm thinking so.  I'm a fan of the thing and believe that with properly designed smaller amphibs it could be a winner.

But let's think about this for a moment.  If we're going with smaller amphibs while still being aviation centric but with credible forces to put ashore can you think of a better vessel than the Mistral?  Pair this with some affordable LCM-1E's, and the dream can be realized.

UPDATE!  Check out pics of the M1A1 coming off the ramp of the LCM-1E when it hits the beach.  The weight of the tank is obvious!  Consider this.  The M1A2C weighs EVEN MORE!

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