Tuesday, July 30, 2019

China massing forces on the border with Hong Kong!

Thanks to jokuvaan for the link!

via Bloomberg
The White House is monitoring what a senior administration official called a congregation of Chinese forces on Hong Kong’s border.

Weeks of unrest in the Chinese territory have begun to overwhelm Hong Kong’s police, who have found themselves in violent clashes with protesters. China warned Monday that the civil disorder had gone “far beyond” peaceful protest after police deployed tear gas over the weekend.

The nature of the Chinese buildup wasn’t clear; the official said that units of the Chinese military or armed police had gathered at the border with Hong Kong. The official briefed reporters on condition he not be identified.
Story here. 

The Chinese military don't take a dump without a plan...to paraphrase a Tom Clancy film...so action MUST BE imminent.

If this show of force does not quiet the situation then you can expect tanks to roll into the city poste haste.

What will be interesting isn't the reaction of Western Govts.  We know they will express outrage and protest the action.

What will be interesting is the reaction from Western Corporations that have sold their souls to the Red Chinese.  How will their workers react to the overt oppression of protesters?  How will those same workers that have protested against the US Dept Of Defense react to seeing Chinese troops crushing dissent?

I wish nothing but well to the protesters in Hong Kong, but if there is trouble, then I hope their sacrifice serves as a wake up call to the false equivalence mob that has sway in the US.

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