Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dang! Nellers is leaving....

Wow.  Didn't think he was heading out the door so soon.  I really wanted to meet this guy at Modern Day Marine.  Of all the recent Commandants he's the most mysterious to me.

Never got a feel for the guy.

He definitely led the Marine Corps through some tough and interesting times. 

His problem was that it wasn't some horrendous fight on a battlefield that will be the memory of his time as Commandant but the boiling social issues that the Corps had skillfully avoided in the past but was forced on it by outside forces during his time.

Was the change necessary?

I can't say.

I will say that a certain flavor that was unique to the Marine Corps is in danger or has been lost.

Did he move the Corps forward?  Did he leave it in better shape when leaving than when he took charge?

Again I don't know.

Did he have a hallmark achievement that he'll be remembered for?  Again I don't know.

I think the Expeditionary Squad concept was pushed hard during his tenure. I think he got the AAV replacement across the finish line.

But alot is still left hanging.  The expeditionary sea base concept seems as muddled as it was before.  The F-35 while trundling forward still seems to be in trouble.  Despite tons of money spent it seems like Marine Air is still in serious flux with no end in sight.

I just don't know how to rate him as a Commandant.  When looking back at the guys who have come before I know one thing.

I don't think we need an innovator like Krulak or a tactician like PX Kelly.  We need a bulldawg.  Not so much a person that will point to a future where everything is sunshine and roses but more like a person that is focused on the work that needs to be done.

A back to basics guy like Generals Gray or Jones.


We need a guy that will get the entire Marine Corps focused on what we do....Make Marines & Win Battles...oh and it would be nice to have a communicator...someone that will set a course and go after it no matter the obstacles or cries from the cheap seats (that includes me) and explain why he's doing it.

I wish General Neller the best.

He led during some surprisingly tough times.  The Marine Corps he led was being buffeted by forces beyond its control and maintaining a heading without crashing into the rocks was probably the best we could expect.

God Bless the dude.  I hope he has a great retirement and I'm sorry I never got a feel for him.

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