Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Exercise Sea Breeze is underway (July 1- 12)...

32 Ships
24 Planes
19 Countries
3K+ Soldiers

Twitter page here.

I imagine that the exercise is being scaled as to not alarm Russia, but compare this to what ONE Marine Expeditionary Unit brings to the table and you can see just how small this thing is.

2500 plus Marines (not counting the Sailors manning the ships), 30 plus aircraft, more than 50 plus vehicles including a Tank Platoon, AAV platoon and Motor T detachment, 5 LCACs plus two heavy landing craft....this isn't a very big exercise at all.

But the number of countries involved is impressive. 

The only thing I wonder about is whether or not we're really gaining "interoperability" and "stability" with allies?  Could we just be wearing out our troops and equipment on dubious exercises?  To be more precise.  Is Ukraine worth our efforts?

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