Monday, July 01, 2019

Have you been keeping up on the news that Russia is actively jamming Israeli GPS?

Haven't talked about it on the blog but I've been following the story that Russian forces (unknown if they're land or sea based) are actively jamming Israeli GPS.

I've failed to touch on it because electronic warfare is outside my area of knowledge and the few people I do know that are versed in it (mostly the bros in Australia) don't seem to be answering my e-mails.

A quick overview?

If I recall correctly some IDF fighter pilots are talking about navigation errors and being told to pull their aircraft up when they're flying level.  Supposedly even a couple of airports are having difficulty because the Russians aren't being selective but "powerhousing" the thing.

Which brings me to the tweet above.

I do know the Israelis launched an airstrike just a day or so ago.  I also have read the claims of many Syrian civilians being injured and a couple killed.

It got no airtime here in the US but if you follow some of the Syrian War Blogs the anger is real.

Are the Russians experimenting with electronic warfare in that chaotic environment?  Have they cracked the code on negating some of the vaunted F-35 sensors?

Don't know. We have zero visibility and unless the Russians tell us then I doubt we'll ever know.  We can expect the Israelis to be as quiet as church mice.

What we do know is that stealth isn't the future of aerial warfare.  

Electronic warfare is!

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