Saturday, July 06, 2019

Houthis have loitering munitions?

Houthis are once again smacking the Saudis around like an abused housewife.  What has me spinning is that they're getting better and better at the deployment of these weapons and the Saudi Air Force appears incapable of stopping them.

I'm not even talking about the battlefield either.  I'm talking about vital infrastructure that should be a no brainer for air defense protection.

Are we seeing a terrible future for US forces?

There are only a couple of systems on the market that can fill this need.... Land Ceptor...

And Iron Dome.

The system Rheinmetall developed will work for light drones but the Houthis are using heavier models that require a bigger punch.

I like the Ceptor but the Iron Dome is a more compact system and I'm betting that it could fit on the back of a long bed MTVR.

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