Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Israeli F-35 flying over Tehran, Iran to take photos makes no sense...this is fake news!

via National Interest.
According to the newspaper’s investigation, “the IAF F-35 “Adir” planes penetrated Iran’s airspace, circled high above Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas – and photographed Iran’s air defense system.”

One of the sources reported that Iran’s air defense system, including its Russian radar, did not detect the entry and exit of the fighter planes, and that Ismaili hid this information from the supreme leader to cover his service failure. However Iranian intelligence discovered that the Israeli fighter jets had carried out this sortie as a test of the possibility of an undetected attack on Iranian outposts and bases, during which they photographed those sensitive bases, evading the Russian S-300 missile system’s radar.

According to Al Jarida, Iranian intelligence received top secret information that the Israeli fighter planes even managed to photograph Iran’s underground bases. Khamenei, who received this information, now suspects a cooperation between Russia and Israel, and that the Russians gave Israel the secret code of the Russian radar in Iran – according to the Kuwaiti newspaper.
Story here. 

Wow.  I'm being an Arm Chair General but this story makes no sense.  Let's do a tick tock of events here.

1.  The IDF decided to risk manned aircraft on a deep penetration mission over Iran JUST TO TAKE PHOTOS over Tehran?

2.  The IDF coordinated with several Arab nations, the US, presumably Russia to carry out this mission?

3.  The IDF either landed in or flew around those nations, had refueling aircraft, rescue aircraft, presumably at least a company of Special Ops people to assist if a plane went down, several other squadrons of fighters in the air to help if this thing went belly up?

4.  If they did not have to assemble the force in #3 then they coordinated with the US military to have a similar force floating off shore to mirror what was talked about earlier?

5.  They eschewed the use of sat imagery or even the use of a spy drone to use the F-35 instead?

6.  The Russians risked relations with Iran to give the Israelis intel on Russian anti-air systems previously sold to them?

The logistics of this thing are daunting and a few pics just ain't worth the effort.

The risk of a plane going down for a few pics makes this borderline batshit crazy.

The idea of so many nations coordinating with the IDF for such a dubious mission makes no sense.

Russians would NOT give away those types of secrets/intel for such a ridiculous show of force.

The whole thing just reeks of paranoia that is found in the Middle East, parts of Africa...hell all over the world now.

You want fake news?  This is fake news!

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